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Monday, December 19, 2016

2016: A Year In Review

By Darrell Bryant

We are happy to celebrate another great year with our clients and friends.


January 2016: KMTV Morning Blend

Darrell was excited to begin his appearances on KMTV’s Morning Blend with hosts Mike and Mary. Be sure to catch the segments each Monday morning at about 9am!


April 2016: New Advisor

Lu Maly joined the team. Lu is a long-time friend of Darrell’s and a fiduciary advisor with over 30 years experience. He brings an added value to all of our clients with additional expertise in the Medicare supplement, life insurance, and long-term care fields.


June 2016: Fee Reduction and Customized Portfolios

Our team is always on the lookout for opportunities to enhance your client experience, help better protect you, and keep your costs as low as possible. We were able to transition Formula Folios accounts to an exclusive arrangement of index funds and ETF’s. This allowed us to reduce the annual fee in those accounts, resulting in an average savings of approximately 19.4% per year! With the new arrangement we continue to utilize Asset Lock to help protect from market declines.



Our clients were pleased by the performance of their accounts compared to the short-term trend in equity markets in the wake of Brexit. As the world panicked in the days following the Brexit decision, and the equity markets took a tumble, we were reminded again of an important lesson in staying focused on long-term trends and financial goals. Our portfolios were positioned for a decline due to many indicators of an upcoming downward trend, not just global uncertainty. But we were able to see what prudent financial management with a long-term perspective can do during a downturn. While it can be frustrating, at times, not to participate fully in every bit of growth the equity market has to offer, it is comforting for clients to know they are less likely to participate fully in every bit of a decline.


September 2016: Life Insurance Awareness Month

Do you still need life insurance now that you’re retired? We addressed this important question and many others as we focused our efforts on helping clients better understand life insurance the versatile role it can play in many retirement plans. Our blog posts from this month were the most popular of all-time!


October 2016: Women’s Summit- First Ever!

We were pleased to bring greater awareness to the importance of women’s education in investing and planning for retirement. We had a fun night of food, fashion, and financial discussion. Did you know that women have, on average 4 more years to save and plan for in retirement due to longer life expectancy? With nearly 40 million women retiring in the next two decades, it’s more important than ever to ensure better education and planning.


November 2016: Open Door Mission Volunteer Day and Toy Drive

The Open Door Mission will reach out to more than 6,000 girls and boys this year with bags of toys. We were able to join in their efforts by hosting a toy drive and by volunteering to bag toys. On our volunteer day, we were created over 300 toy bags.


December 2016: Star Wars Client Appreciation Event

Clients and friends joined us for a sold-out premier of the new Rogue One movie.  Thanks to everyone who braved the icy weather!

Market Update


We expect 2017 to be a year of new technology! We are excited to unveil improved retirement income planning software. We will be utilizing new programs allowing our staff to assist clients with service needs more efficiently. More tools will be made available through social media for investor education. Finally, we’ll have some new ways to help clients get their finances organized!

Our business is successful because of the support of our clients. We appreciate your trust and we look forward to continuing to serve you for years to come. Please visit us in the office soon! Whether you’re currently a client or not, always feel free to reach out with questions about your investments or retirement plan.